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2010-036-0075 Pat.jpg
Letter from Governor Edmund G. "Pat" Brown, November 1962.

Letter of appointment to California State Board of Education, September 1960.

Nathaniel and Jerlean Colley in the winner's circle with "Inruler," June 1979.

Nathaniel Colley speaking in Seattle, Washington, 1962.

2010-036-0076 Ball.jpg
Invitation to the Inauguration of President John F. Kennedy, January 1961.

Candid photograph of Nathaniel Colley taken by Jerlean Colley during their trip to China with the American Comparative Law Delegation, May 1987.

2010-036-0076 letter.jpg
Letter from John F. Kennedy to Nathaniel Colley, November 1960.

Black and white group photograph, including Nathaniel and Jerlean Colley, at the Sixth Triennial Session of the Tuskegee General Alumni Association, taken at the Hotel Statler Hilton in Los Angeles, California, August 1961.

2010-036-027 p. 1.jpg
A speech written and delivered by Nathaniel Colley to the chairman of the Tuskegee Institute and alumni, August 1967.

2010-036-030 Letter to the Editor.jpg
A letter to the Editor of the Sacramento Bee, July 1948.
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