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Nathaniel Colley receiving humanitarian award from the National Asthma Center, Sacramento, California, December, 1980.

Jerlean Colley at a church event, Sacramento, California, c. 1941.

2010-036-0075 Jerry.jpg
Letter from Governor Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown, Jr. to Jerlean Colley, April 1978.

Black and white group photograph, including Nathaniel and Jerlean Colley, at the Sixth Triennial Session of the Tuskegee General Alumni Association, taken at the Hotel Statler Hilton in Los Angeles, California, August 1961.

2010-036-018 Soviet Union.jpg
Name badge of Jerlean Colley for the Moscow Conference on Law and Economic Cooperation, 1990.

2010-036-020 Observer.jpg
Photograph of Nathaniel and Jerlean Colley celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, as published in the Sacramento Observer of Thursday, May 18, 1967.

2010-036-008a Colorfornia.jpg
"Young Attorney Gives Leadership to Colored Community," Colorfornia magazine article, page 17, c. 1954.

Colley family photograph, (L to R) Natalie, Jerlean, Sondra, Nathaniel, Ola Marie, Jerlean; taken in their home, 5441 Pleasant Drive, Sacramento, California, May 1956.

A studio portrait of Jerlean (Jackson) Colley, c.1941.
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