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Jerlean Colley at a church event, Sacramento, California, c. 1941.

2010-036-0223 Headline.jpg
Headline and newspaper article covering beginning of landmark case, Ming vs. Horgan, May 1954.

A black and white photograph of Nathaniel Colley in his law office, Sacramento, CA, c. 1952.

A black and white photograph of Nathaniel Colley's first law office in Sacramento, California, c. 1950.

2010-036-020 Observer.jpg
Photograph of Nathaniel and Jerlean Colley celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, as published in the Sacramento Observer of Thursday, May 18, 1967.

2010-036-008a Colorfornia.jpg
"Young Attorney Gives Leadership to Colored Community," Colorfornia magazine article, page 17, c. 1954.

Colley family photograph, (L to R) Natalie, Jerlean, Sondra, Nathaniel, Ola Marie, Jerlean; taken in their home, 5441 Pleasant Drive, Sacramento, California, May 1956.
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