Series 3 - Sacramento Outlook


Series 3 - Sacramento Outlook


Colley arrived in Sacramento in 1948 with a Yale law degree, but faced discriminatory hiring policies that made it difficult to find a job. His first professional position in his new hometown was as a contributing editor at the African American newspaper, the Sacramento Outlook. From 1948 through the 1950s, Colley wrote a column titled “One Man’s Opinion.” He wrote candidly, taking stock of the challenges and opportunities that faced Sacramento’s African American families.

Collection Items

Letter to the Editor
A letter to the Editor of the Sacramento Bee, July 1948.

One example of the many editorials authored by Nathaniel Colley for the Sacramento Outlook, March 1949.

'One Man's Opinion,' 1960
Newspaper column written by Nathaniel Colley, articulating his opinions about the 1960 candidates for political office, October 1960.

'One Man's Opinion,' 1948
A draft copy of Nathaniel Colley's column in the Sacramento Outlook, August 1948.
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