Series 8 - Civil Rights


Series 8 - Civil Rights


To many, Nathaniel Colley was known as “Mr. Civil Rights of California.” Whether doing so as an attorney, State-appointed official, NAACP representative, or as a husband and father, Nathaniel Colley committed himself to advancing civil rights. Colley defended the Rumford Fair Housing Act of 1963, and fought for the statewide repeal of Proposition 14. As a speaker, Colley advocated for expanding civil rights, and was recognized for his thoughtful explanations of American history and bold observations about contemporary society.

Collection Items

Letter from Thurgood Marshall
Letter from United States Solicitor General Thurgood Marshall to Nathaniel Colley, May 1966.

National Asthma Center Humanitarian Award
Nathaniel Colley receiving humanitarian award from the National Asthma Center, Sacramento, California, December, 1980.

30th Anniversary of the Little Rock Nine
Nathaniel Colley attending 30th Anniversary events of the Little Rock Nine with Gov. Bill Clinton and Rosa Parks, Little Rock, Arkansas, October, 1987.

'The Right to Equality of Opportunity in Housing'
Speech delivered by Nathaniel Colley on fair housing laws and practices, c. 1960.

'The Emancipation Proclamation - A 100 Year Report'
A speech delivered by Nathaniel Colley at an AFL-CIO meeting, Los Angeles, California, 1963.

'The Time is Now or Strike While the Iron is Hot'
A speech delivered by Nathaniel Colley on fair employment practices, no date.

'The White Man's Problem'
A speech delivered by Nathaniel Colley on race relations, no date.

'Why the Bar Should Oppose Proposition 14'
A speech delivered by Nathaniel Colley on Proposition 14, no date.
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